Who We Are

Retaj Company was formerly known as Haji & Sons, which is a trustworthy & renowned name in Saffron market, known for delivering No.1 quality of saffron to its customers. It was established by our grandfather in the year 1975 in Saffron valley-Kashmir (India). Then in the year 1990, he expanded his business to other parts of India under the trade name of “Haji & Sons”. In those starting days, our grandfather used to buy Saffron from local farmers and then after proper & required processing, used to sell in different parts of India & thus became known in Saffron Market especially in South Indian parts. In south Indian parts, we use to supply top quality & original Kashmiri Saffron to Ayurvedic companies , Ayurvedic shops, etc . We have renamed our company as Retaj Company in the year 2002. Retaj is derived from two words -Revive which means regain life and strength & Taj is an Arabic word which means Honour Retaj company has its own saffron growing fields in a Village known as “Gundbal” which is located in the province of “Pampore” where the world’s best saffron is traditionally been produced since decades. We have several extensive saffron fields that produce fresh, genuine and authentic saffron; we are counted among the prominent Growers and suppliers of Kashmiri saffron.

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