Kashmiri Morels

Price : INR 800.00 / Pack(s)

As a quality focused firm, we are engaged in offering a high-quality range of Kashmiri Morels ( Guchi).Morels, are hollow, rubbery and brittle-much more brittle than other mashrooms grows in himalays of kashmir .

Health Benefits of Morel mushroom :

  • Iron deficiency - The anemia is caused due to the low level of hemoglobin and red blood cells due to which low level of oxygen reach to the cells. It leads to low energy levels, poor immunity and brain function.
  • Cognitive health - Iron is essential for the brain function as it plays a vital role in carrying oxygen to the brain because 20 percent of oxygen is used by the brain in the body. The deficiency of iron can affect the mental functions and memory as well.
  • Treat Arthritis - Copper provides anti-inflammatory activities that relieve stiffness and pain that are related with arthritis. It assist the muscular strength, repair connective tissue and lowers joint pain. There is a belief that the copper bracelets could reduce the painful symptoms of arthritis so the arthritis patients wear bracelets made of copper.
  • Thyroid health -  Potassium, zinc, calcium and copper are essential for the proper functioning of thyroid activity and also prevent hyperthyroidism. The absence of one of these minerals can lead a person to suffer the thyroid. It leads to weight gain or loss, fatigue, appetite, change in body temperature etc.
  • Bone health - Vitamin D plays a vital role in the absorption of calcium which is essential to maintainbonehealth. The calcium level is maintained by the calcitriol and parathyroid hormone. Vitamin K helps to maintain the level of phosphorus in the blood. The deficiency of Vitamin D leads to the bone ailments such as rickets and osteomalacia. It also increases the risk of bone fractures, broken bones and osteoporosis.
  • Enhance mood - The deficiency of Vitamin D results to the mood disorders such as seasonal depression, depression, insomnia, anxiety and mood problems during PMS. The low presence of Vitamin D affects the estrogen and testosterone production and imbalances it.
  • Liver ailments - The adequate consumption of zinc lowers the infection and damage of liver. Zinc assist to clean the liver by eliminating wastes which helps to reduce the free radical damage and assist the absorption of nutrients. This helps to keep the liver ailments at bay.
  • Cure diarrhea - The deficiency of zinc is associated with the diarrheal diseases as well as digestive problems so the adequate consumption of foods rich in zinc helps to cure diarrhea and prophylaxis. It also enhances the immunity function so that it increases the ability of the body to counteract diseases.
  • Supports vision - The deficiency of Vitamin B2 increases the risk of eye ailments such as keratoconus, cataracts and glaucoma. Vitamin B2 has the ability to prevent these eye disorders. Riboflavin drops are applied to treat the eye ailments such as glaucoma.
  • Maintains cholesterol - Vitamin B3 can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in dyslipidemia patients. It reduces LDL cholesterol levels which increase the chances of having stroke, heart attack and other heart diseases. Vitamin B3 increases the HDL cholesterol levels and reduces triglycerides. It results to maintain the healthy heart by preventing the heart ailments.


State of Origin Kashmir- India
Packaging Bottled Packaging
Speciality Pesticide Free (for Raw Products)
Is It Organic Organic
Size 2-7cm
Shelf Life 2 Years
Color Brown/Light Black

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Min. Order Quantity 01 Pack Pack(s)

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